How to Tell if Your cat Has a Fever

How to Tell if Your Cat Has Fever

For any given pet owner finding out that their pet is sick can be quite frustrating. For example, getting to know that a cat has

can I catch a cold from my cat?

Can I Catch a Cold From My Cat?

Is it possible for one to catch a cold from their cat? The answer to this question is YES but it is very rare. If

can dogs get the flu from humans?

Can Dogs Get the Flu From Humans?

The answer to this question is YES, but it’s highly uncommon for it to happen. Some of the viruses such as the swine flu mutate

how to show love to your dog

7 Ways to Show Love to Your Dog

Just like human beings, dogs too are emotional creatures. They require to feel loved and protected at all times for them to reciprocate the same

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