6 Best Flooring for Dogs (Pros and Cons of Each)

6 Best Flooring for Dogs

When we talk about flooring in a house where a dog is present, a few considerations have to be made in order for one to make the best decision on the type of flooring to be done.  It is highly recommended for one to trim his/her dog’s nails in order to avoid the destruction of floors. Here are some of the best flooring for dogs;

Best Flooring For Dogs (Prons & Cons)

1. Vinyl

This kind of flooring has quite picked up in the market in recent years due to their stylish look that leaves the house looking beautiful. It’s quite resilient in nature and will take whatever the dog throws at it. It also easy to clean up and may not be that expensive to repair. 

So, if u want to find a flooring that will leave your house looking good and that will also not be easily damaged by ur dog, then we recommend this for you. 

Here are the pros and cons of this flooring;


  1. Quite resilient and may last longer
  2. Not expensive to buy and repair
  3. Its water-resistant hence cleans easily


  1. Does not improve the value of the home during resale.

2. Laminate

Laminate is considered one of the best flooring for dogs. This flooring is significantly louder than hardwood since it’s a floating type floor and can withstand a significant amount of impact exerted on it. It can, however, be quite slippery for your dog especially if it likes running around the house a lot.


  1. Cleans easily
  2. Not that quite expensive compared to others out there
  3. Resilient to withstand scratches from dogs. 


  1. Quite slippery.

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3. Tile and Stone Flooring

Tiles have been proven to be more withstanding in regard to dogs since the most that dogs can do is maybe stain them. You can talk to your installer about reducing the size of the joint places in order to prevent you from taking too much time when cleaning to remove stains.


  1. They come in different colors and shapes and can still bring that beautiful touch in your home and still serve to prevent damage on floors by the dog.


  1. Can easily stain and be scratched and may lead to frequent replacement.
  2. High-quality tiles and stones are expensive.

4. Hardwood Flooring

I wouldn’t recommend this kind of flooring to dog owners with dogs that have quite a lot of energy. This is because the dog might tamper and even damage the woodwork leading to frequent repairs. However, if you have a dog that mostly lays around and slammers like most of the time, then this might be ideal for you.

You might also opt to make sure your dog’s nails are properly trimmed to prevent all these.


  1. They do not absorb dust and hair like carpets
  2. They add good value to the home.


  1. Not recommended to dog owners with large dogs.
  2. They are not scratch resistant or waterproof.

5. Cork Flooring

This kind of flooring quite resembles that of hardwood flooring but it’s actually microbial. This means in case of an accident or any organic particles drop on it, it is less likely to develop molds or harmful bacteria. This makes it one of the most preferred best floorings for dogs.


  1. It is microbial
  2. Absorbs sound.


  1. Might get scratched but the possibility of this is less likely.
  2. Requires that your dog’s nails be regularly trimmed.

6. Carpet

The outward appearance when talking about using carpet for flooring might make one refrain from this but this is more likely to happen to those cheap value carpets sold on the streets since the dog can easily use them as chew toys. Such carpets also absorb a lot of dust and even urine at a very high rate.

But there are actually some quality carpets but they may require you to spend more money on them such as Mohawk’s stain-proof SmartStand.


  1. They are quite comfy for both the dog and the feet.
  2. Its also warm
  3. It’s less expensive compared to the rest. 


  1. The high-quality carpet might be expensive.
  2. They absorb dust and may bring allergies

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