6 Best Pets for Apartments (What Makes Them The Best?)

Best Pets for Apartments

If you’re like most pet lowers, being able to identify the best pets for apartments can be a daunting task, considering the fact that you do not own a home that would otherwise give you all the freedom you desire to pick any pet you deem fit.

Living in an apartment means you have to pick a pet with your neighbors in mind; you don’t want your pet to be the reason why there’s no peace between you and your neighbors.

You should also look for a pet that is fun having around and can lighten up your day or your evenings, which is great especially if you’ve had a tough day at work. Below we highlight some of the best pets that you can choose if you currently live in an apartment.

Best Pets for Apartments

1. Dog

Famously known as man’s best friends, dogs are quite adorable animals to have around. They come in different sizes, breeds, and even colors depending on your preference. Most of them are very friendly when socialized from a very young age and are regarded as being very loyal to their owners.

Dogs also require a great deal of attention to prevent them from being aggressive and destructive. They require one to take them for a walk and even play with them from time to time. Some dogs are bred to be family dogs and can be really outgoing with family members.

If you want to find a pet that can also safeguard your property when you are not available then a dog is all you need. Dogs like the German Shepherd can act as pets and also protect both your family and property when needed to.

2. Cats

Cats are more likely to be an indoor lifestyle pet than any other, which puts them in a good standing when talking about the best pets for apartments. They are calm, caring, and easy to live with in, making them the ideal choice for anyone living in an apartment and choosing a pet.

They do not require much cleaning since they clean up quite well but once in a while, a bath will be much appreciated. Cats also do not require to be taken for walks but a litter box will do for them. Owning a cat is cheaper than owning other pets for they do not require much space and consume less food.

Cats are also good with kids and like to play although they spend much of the time of the day asleep. I wouldn’t recommend a hairy cat for someone who has fur allergies because it can cause great discomfort.

3. Fish

When I started researching fish as pets I came across some very good facts about fish that I didn’t even know. I learned that they have a calming effect when one watches them as they swirl in the aquarium. These wonderful creatures also come in different sizes, shapes, and stunning vibrant colors.

They are also quiet creatures and they do not get separation anxiety or destructive behaviors when left alone in the house. They also do not require much attention but require to be fed properly and their ponds or aquarium should always be clean.

Besides, who doesn’t want a fish yet their aquariums can bring a beautiful look in their living room and liven it up. 

4. Ferrets

Ferrets are also considered among the best pets for apartments or anyone living in an apartment. They are quite inquisitive rodents and sociable animals that you can keep as pets. They have a life span of about 8 years. Ferrets require high maintenance than dogs and cats. Ferrets, however, require more time for one to supervise them in exercise and even around children.

They often can find themselves wondering out of the house. That’s why it is advisable for one to close all holes that they can squeeze themselves and escape and to close up holes behind the fridge and cookers. It is highly advised for one to keep them off from birds or other rodents since they can end up in nasty fights that may lead to death.

5. Hamsters

These are small nocturnal rodents that are the most fun to be with. They have great personalities and can be highly entertaining for all ages. They usually require a lot of exercise and love to run in a running wheel. Hamsters are great pets for children, ideally those above 6 years. They like eating fresh vegetables and require lots of clean water always.

6. Parrots

If you are thinking of having a parrot as a pet then u have to know that it might be a lifetime commitment since most parrot species have a life span of 10 – 100 years. You can check our previous post on keeping pet parrots for an in-depth look at these beautiful birds.

Unlike other pets, parrots require a balanced diet from vegetables to nuts for fats. An improper diet can cause the parrot to have bad feather growth, stains on the body, vitamin deficiencies, and illnesses. Their feeding dishes require to be cleaned regularly to prevent it from getting bacteria and they also require clean water always. Parrots are also vocal when ignored or bored so one must create time for them.

In a nutshell, take your time to identify which pet will be ideal for you especially if you’re living in an apartment. Parrots can be a nuisance if you’ll be away for so long. However, if you are present most of the time then they can be an amazing option.

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