5 Common Signs a Dog is Dying (How to Tell)

Common Signs a Dog is Dying

Dogs have always been considered as part of a family, and keeping them healthy and happy is our priority. However, life is fragile and at some point, you will have to deal with the pain of losing your gentle, caring, and beautiful dog. But what exactly are the common signs a dog is dying?

Below we highlight some of the things to look out for, not that it’s any good news, but at least to be on the know. Being able to be there for your dog at such a moment is priceless. They want you to be there for them but unfortunately cannot speak.

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Signs a Dog is Dying

So here are some of the ways to know if your dog is about to die.

1. Extreme Fatigue

When a dog is dying, it may lie in one spot for long hours without moving. Although this may be due to hunger, it can also be due to fatal sickness such as anemia. Your dog may not even respond to calls.

2. Odd Breathing

A very old dog may show this sign. The dog’s breathing may become shallow and may be hard for it to catch its breath. You may notice uneven breathing and the time taken between each inhale and exhale to be longer than usual. But if your dog is young and showing the same signs then I would advise taking your dog to see a vet because it might be sick.

3. Loss of  Appetite

Another common sign a dog is dying is the loss of appetite. The dog may turn down food or treats offered and even water. This often happens when their digestive organs start to shut down and they lose any sensation of hunger or thirst.

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4. Sudden Weight Loss

Loss of appetite is always accompanied by sudden weight loss. Unless your dog is sick and has been losing weight, sudden weight loss can also indicate they might be about to die. The dog might also experience an inability to control its bowels and may vomit after eating or drinking, which often leads to dehydration.

5. Loss of interest in the surrounding

A dying dog tends to just lay down in a corner and will seclude itself from the rest of the family. It also doesn’t respond to whatever is going on around, even to calls from their favorite person.

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These are some of the most common signs a dog is dying. However, if you notice these signs and your dog was buzzing with life and playing around not long before that, I would recommend to visit a vet clinic and have them undergo a checkup.

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