5 Best Cats for Apartments: Which One Suits You Most?

Best cats for apartments

Cats can be such great companions for people, including toddlers and young kids. One should keep in mind the different types of cats that are available around and how they react to different environments and associations with other animals before getting one. If you’re looking for the best cats for apartments, then here are some of the ideal options and their traits to help you to come up with the right decision;

1. American Shorthair

The American shorthair is a pleasant, affectionate, and quiet companion that doesn’t need hourly attention. What I love most about this cat is that it can tolerate being left alone in the house. It spends most of its time sleeping under the sun and plays when it is in the mood.

This cat requires grooming, especially after the winter season since it develops a hard coat that may make it look too unpleasant to live with. Also, one should keep in mind to check its nutrition and control its diet to avoid it becoming overweight.

2. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a gentle, calm, sociable, and affectionate cat that isn’t too demanding. They are highly adaptive to most of the environment and easy to train on how to use the litter box. This cat breed is said to act like puppies hence might be too affectionate to their owners and loves to cuddle and bond with their owners.

One has to check on the portions the cat is eating to prevent them from being overweight since it has a thick coat that may not be easy to notice then it grows overweight. Its coat also requires regular grooming to prevent tangled coats and matting.

3. Persian

This cat breed is one of the best cats for apartments and is ideal for indoors only as it might not fare well outdoors like most cats and dogs. It is a quiet, sweet, and affectionate cat but quite discriminating towards people it does not trust or makes it anxious. It loves being petted and combed regularly but never begs for it.

The Persian also requires daily grooming and regular bathing. It prefers its litter box regularly cleaned or it might end up not using it at all. It is also prone to excessive tearing and the owner should wipe the corner of its eyes to prevent under-eye stains from forming.

4. Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat is highly intelligent and mostly requires physical and mental stimulation hence it often requires access to toys. They are sweet-tempered, loyal cats, and loves following its owner around the room. The Russian Blue cats are also quite affectionate and sociable but also require some alone time.

They seem large due to their extremely dense, soft double coat that requires minimal grooming. This cat breed is ideal for those pet lovers who are allergic since they have minimal shedding.

5. British Shorthair

The Britan Shorthair is one of a kind. It is highly muscled and has heavy bones. It is loving, pleasant, placid, and easy-going. I would highly recommend this breed of cat to single people since they can be quite affectionate and loving. One also has to watch its diet and nutrition to prevent it from growing overweight.

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Depending on your taste and preference, any cat can be the right one for you if you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure it has all the love, care, and attention it deserves. None the less, these are not the only best cats for apartments, but at least the ones we feel are ideal for anyone living in an apartment.

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