Natural Treatments for Cataracts in Dogs

6 Natural Treatments for Cataracts in Dogs

The use of natural treatments for cataracts in dogs is actually often preferred by people especially when the cataract stage is quite primal. These natural

eye supplements for dogs

9 Best Eye Supplements for Dogs

It can be pretty stressful to find the best dog eye supplements that contain non-allergic triggers and potentially increase further distress to your dog. Here

How to bond with your dog

8 Amazing Ways to Bond With Your Dog

Bonding is essential for every single relationship, including in humans and animals and also between them. Without it, daily interactions will be more difficult than

How to prevent cataracts in dogs

How to Prevent Cataracts in Dogs

Cataracts is the opacity of the lens in an eye. This condition may lead to blur vision in dogs and if not treated the lens

how to calm your dog down

6 Tips on How to Calm Your Dog Down

It is quite important to know that dogs feed off our emotions and body language. If you as a dog owner you are restless and

can dogs get the flu from humans?

Can Dogs Get the Flu From Humans?

The answer to this question is YES, but it’s highly uncommon for it to happen. Some of the viruses such as the swine flu mutate

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