Top 10 Best Toys for Puppies to Keep Them Active

Best Toys for Puppies

Puppies are adorable and playful, and choosing the ideal toy for them is very important. Puppies have specific needs, such as the need for chewing toys to soothe their sore gums. When looking for your pup’s toy, consider the ones with good texture, size, and soft feel. Here are some of the best toys for puppies you might want to consider.

1. Chuckit! Classic Launchers

Chuckit! Classic Launcheris specifically is ideal for puppies.  The fetch game toy is a great way to exercise your pup, establish a bond, and promote trained behaviors.

It allows the hands-free pickup and you don’t have to strain to pick up. The launcher comes in multiple lengths and the design allows you to move the ball further and faster with minimal effort.

Keys facts to note;

  • Comfort design for easy throwing
  • Allows for further and faster throws 
  • Allows a hands-free pickup

2. Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy is made from strong nylon composition and has 100% real bacon mix into its construction.

It is recommended for dogs weighing 70 pounds or less. The toy’s curved wishbone design makes it easier for pups to hold by themselves as they chew.

Key points to note;

  • Made of 100% real bacon
  • Designed with strong nylon 
  • Recommended for dogs weighing 70 lbs or less

3. Interactive Toy Ball for Dogs by FurryFido

Interactive Toy Ball for Dogs by FurryFido has a small hole at the end of the ball where one can insert a dog treat or other toys.

This toy is made of 100% natural rubber and, being a chew toy, helps strengthen your puppy’s teeth.

Key points to note;

  • Made of all-natural rubber
  • Has a small hole for putting treats or toys 
  • Develops your pup’s IQ and dental health

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4. JW Pet Company Sphericon  Rubber Dog Toy

This is a football-shaped toy ideal for small to medium-sized puppies. It’s made from durable rubber that makes the fetch game more fun for bouncing.

The toy comes with holes making it a perfect alternative toy for a few tug-of-war games with your puppy.

Key points to note;

  • Made from a durable rubber
  • Has 3 size options
  • It’s 4.8 inches long
  • Filled with vanilla extract

5. KONG Puppy Teething Stick

KONG’s Puppy Teething Stick has ridges designed to soothe achy teeth and gums during the teething stage in puppies. 

The toy comes in 3 sizes, from small (for puppies weighing up to 35 pounds) to large (for puppies weighing up to 65 pounds).

The toy also doubles as a puzzle that allows the hollow center to be filled with peanut butter, a challenge your puppy will love.

Key points to note;

  • Helps to improve dental health and hygiene 
  • Ridges are ideal for puppies during the teething stage
  • It comes in 3 sizes

6. Nylabone Small Puppy Teethe and Tug Toy

This is one of the best toys for puppies made with a gentle material and designed only for puppies with baby teeth.  The toy is ideal for puppies weighing up to 15 pounds and those that still have puppy teeth. 

It is a great starter toy as it helps early socialization between you and your pup and also helps to relieve your pup from aching teeth. 

Key facts to note;

  • Designed for gentle chewing
  • Promotes healthy chewing habits 
  • Meant for dogs weighing 15 pounds
  • Ideal for teething puppies
  • Relieves pain from aching teeth

7. MAOMAO Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys Chew Teeth Cleaning Toy

MAOMAO Puppy Rope Toy helps your puppy playtime and provides a huge benefit to its dental hygiene. The ropes come in different designs knotted or formed.

Whether it is a ball, bear, or tug-of-war loops, they all provide the same dental support, something your puppy needs during its teething stage.

Key facts to note;

  • Helps in dental health and hygiene
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Has 3 choices: bears, balls, or 5 pack

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8. OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toys

OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toys dispenses food when your puppy engages with it for extended playtime.

This toy allows you to adjust the level of difficulty by turning the interior disc. It helps in intellectual stimulation and also helps train your puppy to slow down while eating.

Key facts to note;

  • Adjustable feeding to difficult levels
  • Helps in intellectual stimulation
  • Comes in 2 size options

9. Hear Doggy! Plush Toy with Chew Guard Technology

This plush puppy toy can stand up to chewing. It is soft, cuddly, and durable and has awesome features such as an ultrasonic squeaker of a frequency between 24 to 28 kiloHertz your pup can hear but you can’t.

It’s available in both mini and large sizes. If you are not impressed by alligators. then you can opt for a giraffe, pig, and elephant.

Key facts to note;

  • It’s available in mini and large sizes
  • Has Ultrasound, silent squeaker
  • Soft plush with durable chew guard lining 
  • No stuffing in the body

10. KONG Flyer Dog Toy

The KONG dog frisbee is ideal for growing puppies to learn how to catch things. It is made from a durable KONG rubber that makes it a softer catch. The toy is ideal for puppies up to 9 months old.

Key facts to note;

  • 2 sized options
  • Safe for teeth and gums
  • Soft and non-toxic natural rubber

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Toys are important for puppies, especially during the teething stage. Providing a suitable toy for your pup helps clean its teeth, massages gums, and keeps them occupied. Besides, toys are a good distraction to keep puppies from biting your shops or clothes.

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