8 Amazing Ways to Bond With Your Dog

How to bond with your dog

Bonding is essential for every single relationship, including in humans and animals and also between them. Without it, daily interactions will be more difficult than usual. But how can you create and nurture a stronger bond between you and your dog? Below are some of the most amazing ways to bond with your dog you might consider.

1. Exercising together

Exercising for both you and your dog is a healthy thing to do. As you both run or walk together around the neighborhood, you might learn new things about each other that you wouldn’t have learned while just staying in the house such as the most favorite route that you both prefer. Maybe after the run the both of you can go grab some treats and refreshments after the routine hence creating that bond you both need.

2. Relaxing together

Creating time for both of you to relax together might be just what you need to create and grow that bond. This can be either when you invite your dog on the couch in the evening and snuggle while petting it or going down on the floor and pet them from there with ease as it calms and relaxes to your touch.

3. Playing together

Engaging your dog in plays is another way to grow and strengthen the bond between both of you. Interactive play such as fetch, hide and seek and tag toys may be what you need for that to happen. You can even make it interesting by introducing toys that dispense treats as they play with them and at times it even helps in cleaning its teeth and maintaining a strong dental cavity.

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4. Hand feeding your dog

This might be one of the easiest things for you to bond with your dog. By practicing hand feeding, it builds trust in your dog and even helps improve feeding habits that come in handy when you are not around.

5. Working on some simple tricks

By teaching your dog new tricks you are able to know its strengths and weaknesses. You can teach it simple tricks such as sit, stand, lie, come, and go. The latter teaches your dog obedience when you call on them at whatever time and expecting them to show up at the simplest sound of your voice. Treats can also be incorporated when they do these tricks correctly to try making it fun and to appreciate their obedience.

6. Giving your dog it’s own space

Just like human beings, dogs also require their own personal space to process all that is happening around them. Find a nice and comfy bed for them to use or even a crate where it can retire and decompress all its emotions and stress without anyone disturbing them. If it feels much better it will come to you without even being forced by anyone to do so and that’s in their nature.

7. Being patient with your dog

At times your dog can do something around the house and it might not be that appealing. You should not lash out at it and start hitting it with all sorts of things that your hands can reach at. Some things can actually be trained without having to lay a hand on them. Just give them time to work out and learn that everything takes time and process.

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8. Stick to a schedule

Another great way to create a bond with your dog is by setting a consistent schedule. This helps to let your dog know what to do at different periods of time whether if it’s playtime or it’s time for you to work and they shouldn’t try playing with you.

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