8 Ways to Clear Out Fleas in Your Backyard

Ways to Clear Out Fleas in Your Backyard

Dogs can get fleas from the grass. Fleas jump onto their host and feed on their blood and when they are full they jump right back into the grass. These small parasites can be quite a nuisance for your pets and even you. This is because the fleas can also attack humans and they can be carried back into the house on your clothes, boots, socks, or even hair if you were sleeping in a flea-infested backyard. To eradicate these parasites it will take lots of time to be able to completely clear them out from your yard. Below are some of the ways to clear out fleas in your backyard.

Ways to clear out fleas in your backyard

Fleas can easily turn into an infestation in a very short period of time. One female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in its 100-day lifetime, which means the rate of the infestation is really high. Here are some of the ways to clear out fleas in your backyard. Although it might not be as fast as most of you might want and can take weeks or months since it’s a process.

1. Mow your lawn

This can be the most natural way to clearing out the parasites since you would be exposing them to their natural predators such as ants and spiders. Leaving the grass long give them the perfect habitat to thrive and increase in numbers.

 2. Reduce moisture

Watch how much you water your back yard because fleas love moist places and may thrive well in those conditions. Therefore, reduce the number of times you water your lawn, plants, trees, and garden.

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3. Let the sun reach the grass

By making sure the grass is nicely trimmed it will allow sunlight to hit the ground where the flees are and send them away because they love dark places. If you have a cover over your yard make sure to also let the sunshine on the grass during the day for this to happen.

4. Treat your lawn

This can be done by the use of flea shampoos and other pesticides to try to clear out the pests.

5. Mulch with cider

Cider is a natural flea repellent and can help keep fleas away from your back yard.

6. Evict wildlife

Fleas feed on warm-blooded animals and some wildlife such as wild dogs and wild cats can bring them to your back yard. Such animals are never treated for any of these parasites. So when you see a wild animal in your back yard do chase them away to avoid having an infestation on your doorstep.

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7. Hygiene for both you and your pets

Make sure to observe proper hygiene for both you and your pets by cleaning up to prevent and even to reduce the pests. Fleas thrive well in poorly cleaned rooms and even laundry or carpets.

8. Clean your yard

This can be quite basic but important. Make sure to clear out trash and litter that may be lying around your back yards as they may harbor these pests.

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