7 Ways to Show Love to Your Dog

how to show love to your dog

Just like human beings, dogs too are emotional creatures. They require to feel loved and protected at all times for them to reciprocate the same to their owners. So, both the dog and the owner need to find a way to communicate with each other to be able to know what the other is feeling and be there for them. Below are a few ways to show love to your dog.

1. Foster their innate food drive

As pack animals, dogs tend to always want to eat since they do not know when they will have their next meal. They forget they are pets and they don’t have to worry about that. You should incorporate some treats in between meals to grow their instincts and create that bond between the both of you for a long-lasting relationship.

2. Use more facial expressions

Study shows that dogs tend to be more expressive around humans and friends than when they are around other dogs. They do so by use of eyebrows. Dogs use the left side eyebrow to greet their owners which is quite impressive since it is known that the left side of the face is associated with emotions.

3. Let them sleep with you

The study also shows that allowing your dog or any other pet to sleep with you can show a sign of trust, friendship, and love. This is because during sleep both you are at their most vulnerable and you both trust each other enough to share the same safe space. If this is too much for you then consider snuggling on the floor or the couch every day for that connection to build.

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4. Being mindful of your pet’s change in behavior

Dogs can be very mindful about their surroundings and even the slightest change can be of great impact on its behavior. When your dog stops listening to your commands you should try and put yourself on your dog’s shoe and try to understand what could be wrong. Either it has seen something that it has never seen before or it is too tired or even sick.

5. Respecting your pet’s right of expression

Just like human beings, dogs also need to express their feelings, either happiness or anger, especially the latter. If your dog shows signs such as growling, looking away, and even moving away it is advisable to give it room for it to let out its aggression.

Do not push its limits and try to bring out its frustrations. This may lead to bitting and even attacking its owner. It is advisable for you to look for a reward-based trainer to train it on how to handle its aggression in such times and for you to respect that.

6. Give them undivided attention

It is important to give your dog unconditional attention when you are around them. This can be achieved when we put down your phone and take care of your dog’s needs whether it is petting or snuggling. Quality time with your dog is required to create a bond between both of you. This also shows that you care enough and love them.

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7. Learn new tricks together

I know this may seem stupid, learning new tricks together is a great way to show love to your dog. Learning new tricks with your dog such as rolling and sitting may be fun and even great for bonding for both parties. Treats can also be incorporated to make it more fun for the dog also.

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