5 Best Foods For Dogs to Gain Weight

Foods For Dogs To Gain Weight

Like humans, dogs can also become overweight or underweight depending on different reasons such as sickness, excessive outdoor exercises, and probably lack of proper nutrition. All this can result in being underweight and vice versa is equally true. So here are some of the best foods for dogs to gain weight.

Foods For Dogs to Gain Weight

1.Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food

If you are looking for a high-quality dog food that will pound your dog’s weight as fast as possible then this is the right product to buy. It is the only 5-star rated dog food and it is the only meat-based formula.

It is also checked three times before leaving the manufacturing center for quality guarantee. The food has no age preference and contains more calories concentration than any other dog food.


  1. It is the most protein-based dog food in the market
  2. It is rich vitamins and Omega 3 and fatty acids.


  1. It is one of the most expensive dog foods

2. Elite K9 Maximum Bully All  Stages Dog Food

This is chicken-flavored dog food made with multiple protein sources, amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients. It is one of the best since it also promotes a healthy digestive system.


  1. It is a very affordable dog food 


  1. Contains Menadione which can cause health issues to people

 3. Crave Grain Free Dog Food

This is purely natural dog food with no chicken-by-products, no corn, no wheat, soy protein nor artificial flavors. It contains quality carbohydrates that provide energy for the dog. Its main ingredient is salmon fish.


  1. It is a rich source of protein.


  1. It does not contain enough calories

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4. Natural Logic Dry Dog Food

Natural Logic Dry Dog Food is a natural-based, chicken-flavored dog food that has probiotics and enzymes which offer digestive support. It doesn’t contain corn, wheat soybeans, potatoes, or peas. It is 100% natural and doesn’t have added preservatives.


  1. It has a mixed variety of fruits, vegetables, and seeds that provide naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.


  1. Since chicken is its main ingredient, it might cause allergies to dogs that may be allergic to poultry products.

5. Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food

Unlike the others, this dog food is made up of 30 percent proteins and 20 percent fat that fuels metabolism and maintains lean muscles. It is also made wholly by chicken-by-product hence the flavor.

It contains Amino Acids that help nourish the muscles and EPA and Glucosamine which support joint health and mobility.


  1. It is pocket friendly considering that it has multiple sources of protein to boost a dog’s health.


  1. It has a lower amount of calory density than most.

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