5 Best High Fiber Dog Foods For Healthy Dogs

High Fiber Dog Foods

Are you anxious about your dog’s health and nutrition? Is your dog constipating, obese or suffering from high blood sugar?  Are you looking for a well-formulated high fiber dog foods to regulate your dog’s digestive system? If that’s the case we got you covered.

Healthy fiber food could be the perfect solution to curb the several health issues your dog might be having. Although it is essential for healthy digestion, fiber cannot be digested by the body and passes through the digestive system intact. It helps to regulate intestinal function, promotes colon health and slows the absorption of  glucose into the blood

Types of Fiber

i). Soluble fiber

Soluble fiber absorbs lots of water and dissolves to form a gel-like material that helps prevent quick spikes of blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. However, excessive soluble fiber can lead to excessive gas and diarrhea, especially if the fiber is suddenly ingested through your dog’s diet.

ii). Insoluble fiber

Insoluble fiber speeds up the rate of passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract. It helps food move through the digestive system, adding bulk stool and helping to solve constipation issues. Too much intake of insoluble fiber decreases the nutrient value.

iii). Fermented fiber

This type of fiber is broken down by bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and contains nutrients that can be used as energy.

The most preferable fiber is the soluble fiber because it absorbs water in the digestive tract and passes relatively easily in the digestive system.

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5 Best High Fiber Dog Food

Some of the best high fiber formula dog food include:

1. Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core provides your dog with complete balanced nutrients and helps it to maintain a healthy weight.  The reduced-fat formula is naturally grain-free, protein-rich, and high in fiber. Your dog will also enjoy the meal because it’s tasty and healthy.

Key points to note;

  • Formulated for adult dogs who need to lose weight
  • Fiber maximum – 8.5%
  • Contain: Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, Omega-3, Omega-6, glucosamine, beta-carotene
  • Crude fat minimum – 10%
  • Crude protein minimum – 33%
  • Moisture maximum – 10%
  • Calories per serving – 360 per cup
  • Top 5 ingredients: deboned turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, potatoes, peas

2. Blue Wilderness Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe

The Blue Wilderness recipe is formulated to keep your dog healthy and feeling fuller. It boasts a 10% fiber content that helps your dog to maintain a manageable weight.  Contains top ingredients like deboned chicken, chicken meal, and L-Carnitine to help to boost your dog’s metabolism and to maintain muscle mass. It also has a specific blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to boost your dog’s immune system.

Key points to note;

  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • Calories per serving – 353 per cup
  • Crude fat minimum – 9%
  • Crude protein minimum – 30%
  • Moisture maximum – 10%
  • Contains: Calcium, Phosphorous, L-Carnitine, Omega-3, Omega-6, glucosamine
  • Fiber maximum – 10%
  • Top 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, pea portion, peas, tapioca starch

3. Royal Canin Canine Gastrointestinal Fiber Response

Royal Canin Canine Gastrointestinal Fiber Response is designed to prevent diarrhea and colitis in dogs and to nourish their intestinal microflora. Its recipe contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce intestinal swelling and nourish your dog’s gastrointestinal tract tissue.

Key points to note;

  • Fiber maximum – 12%
  • Calories per serving – 287 per cup
  • Crude fat minimum – 14%
  • Crude protein minimum – 21%
  • Moisture maximum – 10%
  • Contains: Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA from fish oils
  • Top 5 ingredients: Chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, chicken fat, powdered cellulose, rice hulls

4. NUTRO Weight Loss Dry Dog Food

NUTRO Weight Loss Dry Dog Food has ingredients that help to reduce adverse reactions in your dog. It contains whole brown rice that eases digestion, while well-balanced levels of fiber and protein help to maintain your dog’s weight.

Usually, it’s given in small amounts that make your dog feel full, hence promotes weight loss. The recipes contain B vitamins, zinc, and Omega-6 fatty acids that promote a soft shiny coat and healthy skin. 

Key points to note;

  • Calories per serving – 254 per cup
  • Moisture maximum – 10%
  • Crude fat minimum – 7%
  • Crude protein minimum – 23%
  • Fiber maximum – 10%
  • Contains Taurine, zinc, Calcium, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, E
  • Top 5 ingredients: Lamb, lamb meal, whole brown rice, rice bran, split peas

5. The Missing Link’s Original All Natural Superfood Dog Supplement

If your dog needs a boost due to poor nutrition in the past, Original All Natural Superfood Dog Supplement is the supplement you are looking for. It improves the immune system and skin health to keep your dog healthy.

Key points to note;

  • Contains: Omega-3, Omega-6
  • Top 5 ingredients: Sunflower seed, primary dried yeast, cane molasses, rice bran, ground flaxseed

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Things to consider when buying high fiber dog foods

1. Age of the dog

The dog’s life stage is categorized into three: puppy, adult, and senior. It’s important to consider the age of your dog before purchasing. You should feed your dog the appropriate fiber diet. Puppies, for example, need more fiber, protein, and calories than adults and seniors.

2. Carefully read the label

Always take your time to read the label of the dog food. Checking the product’s name and other information helps you determine the product’s quality. Review the ingredients to identify the one with the right amount of fiber.

3. Check for food allergies

Some dogs are sensitive. Itchy, lactose intolerance, ear infection, skin infection, and a poor coat are just some of the symptoms of allergy in dogs. It’s, therefore, advisable you prepare the high fiber dog food from scratch. Pick a brand that is suitable for dogs with allergies if your dog is that sensitive.

4. Look for AAFCO approved label

Dog food with AAFCO approved label means that the food contains all the essential nutrients to enhance the dog’s growth and health.

5. Check the weight 

Take into consideration your dog’s weight to determine what type of and how much fiber intake is recommended in their diet. Keep in mind that most high fiber dog food has low calories and weight management formulas.

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Common Sources of Fiber for Dog Foods

A few common sources of fiber found in commercial dog foods include:

  • Psyllium husk
  • Oats
  • Carrots 
  • Apples
  • Beet pulp
  • Peanut shells
  • Flaxseed

The Benefits of High-Fiber Dog Food

  • Relieves diarrhea, constipation and loose stools
  • Improves blood sugar management to prevent diabetes
  • Improves colon health and reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • Helps to manage weight loss and gain to prevent obesity
  • Keeps your dog satisfied even if they are consuming fewer calories

Choosing the best high fiber dog food does not only help in your dog’s digestion but also help your dog avoid more costly and potentially fatal health problems. It’s recommended to introduce high fiber dog food to your dog’s diet in small quantities.

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