6 Best Pets for Toddlers (How to Choose The Best)

Best Pets for Toddlers

Toddlers are fascinated by pets that are cute and cuddly. Pets are known to nurture the growth of toddlers in an effective manner. Through owning a pet which is a lifelong appreciation, as they grow they acquire a sense of responsibility, dependency, communication, kindness, and commitment with adult guidance.

However, there are a few things to consider before getting a pet for your baby.

Things to consider when choosing a pet for a toddler

1. How long will it live?

You should consider the lifespan of the pet because of your toddler’s emotional attachment. Toddlers get so attached to their pets. As an adult, while you choose a longer lifespan pet as the toddler gets older like joining college, you will become the sole provider to your toddler’s pet.

2. How much space do you have?

One should consider space needs. Before bringing a  new family member we always consider where he/she is going to live, which also applies to pets. You should consider if they have an adequate room such as the living space, yard space and if you can accommodate the pet at its adult age.

3. Does any family member have allergies?

A family member might not know that they have an allergic reaction to a certain pet. It’s important for the family members to meet the pet to determine if an allergic reaction will occur.

4. Are you financially ready to care for a pet?

Before getting your toddler a pet one has to consider if you are financially stable for care requirements and needs of the pet. The financial responsibility to the pet includes food, toys, veterinarian visits, and annual pet licensing.  

5. How is your toddler’s personality? 

Always consider your toddler’s personality. Is your toddler calm enough to take care of a more fragile pet? You should also consider your pet’s needs and if your toddler is capable of respecting those needs.

Best Pets for Toddlers

1. Mice

Mice are easy to care for, even a toddler can be able to take care of it.


Mice do not require a large space but instead, they require a small cage to live. A toddler can easily play with mice as it’s easy to train and they are very entertaining and intelligent.  They are easily kept in groups, which makes it interesting to watch. Also, they are given a regular rodent diet of food blocks which is enough to keep them satisfied and happy.


Mice by their nature, they are acrobatic and jumpy which makes them difficult to get hold of or to cuddle them. It’s best to keep them as observational pets rather than cuddling pets. Mice are nocturnal animals (animals that are awake and active at night and then sleep during the day), thus they make sounds and move around at night bringing discomfort at for the owner.

2. Dogs

The best dogs for toddlers are those that are relaxed and protective of the family. Toddlers can give fresh food and water and wash towels and bedding for their dogs.

Kid-friendly  dog breeds include:

  • Labrador retrievers
  • Golden retrievers
  • Boxers
  • Beagles


The bond between a toddler and a dog is very strong. Dogs are famous among pet lovers across the world, as they are known to be loyal to their owners. They are known to be gentle, loving, and playful, and they have good companionship whether inside or outside the house. Dogs require a fair amount of exercise thus they are playful and due to that, your toddler is able to play a lot.


Dogs are expensive to keep thus they require higher maintenance. They require a good amount of care, food, and training. As much as they are playful, they can accidentally bite the toddler or people they don’t like.

3. Cats

Cats are one of the nation’s favorite pets. They are adorable and fluffy. Toddlers love cats since they are also playful.


Cats may not be as playful as the dog, but they are good companions if your toddler wants a fluffy pet. They require less maintenance, such as a litter box that takes a little floor space. They also don’t need to be walked or bathed or fed, they often take care of themselves, unlike dogs.


Unlike dogs, cats are not always loyal to their owners; they may run away from time to time because they are independent creatures. A toddler is prone to getting allergy from cats as opposed to dogs.  Cats can be moody and defensive and can fight back if disturbed. 

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4. Birds

Birds are attractive and delightful creatures. Parakeet and cockatiel are good options and favorable pets for toddlers.


There are kids who like observational pets, and birds happen to be one of them. Such kids enjoy watching the birds from afar thus making them a perfect companion. The musical sounds of birds are a fascination for toddlers. Most birds are non-threatening and can stay in their cages without causing trouble.


Handling and training a bird requires patience and it’s often time-consuming. Birds can also make quite a mess in their cages, which is a tedious task that only adults can do. 

5. Fish

Fish is the most ideal pet for toddlers. As a toddler grows older he or she learns how to feed and take care of themselves, and fish would be the favorable option for teaching your toddler how to responsibly care for another being. 


Fish is one of the best pets for toddlers who prefer pets that are calmer and they can observe them quietly. It’s manageable for toddlers because it’s easy to maintain. Fish only require clean water and food at regular intervals. Some of the brightly-colored species can intrigue and entertain your toddler.


It’s vital to feed appropriate food for your fish with the absolute quantity. Cleaning of the container every once in a while is necessary to prevent the build-up of waste and germs.

6. Rabbit

Rabbits are very cute and good for toddlers because they usually have a very gentle and sociable nature that is engaging.


Rabbits are extremely cuddly, they take their time to get used to human touch, once they do that they make great pets. A toddler can carry it around the house, in the pocket or around his or her head and the rabbit will stay put looking around.


Since rabbits are engaging they require constant attention, which is time-consuming, thus they don’t like being constantly held. Their cages constantly require cleaning and an unattended rabbit can quite mess around the house. Rabbits rapidly multiply make sure you get same-sex pair if you don’t want to get more than you can care for.

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In a nutshell, having a pet for a toddler is good because it always makes them acquire social interaction and become responsible. Adults are required to guide their toddlers and help them in some of the tasks of taking care of the pet such as cleaning the pet’s house, feeding, and bathing them. Small pets are the best pets for toddlers.  

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