Can Dogs Get the Flu From Humans?

can dogs get the flu from humans?

The answer to this question is YES, but it’s highly uncommon for it to happen. Some of the viruses such as the swine flu mutate over time and change hence making it quite difficult for a rapid infection to take place. So it’s quite important for one to make sure you keep some distance between you and your dog whenever you experience a cough and a fever just to protect your dog from potentially catching the flu.

Cause of flu in dogs

Like humans, animals such as dogs also get the flu the same way as we do. It is transmitted to them through sharing food, water, kissing, and even hugging with someone or a dog that is infected with the flu.

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Signs and symptoms of flu in dogs

1. Fever: This can be spotted when your dog shows signs of a dry and warm nose.

2. Loss of appetite: Your dog might not even show an appetite for their favorite treats and food.

3. Disinterest in the surrounding: The dog loses interest in what is happening around such as play and even its favorite chew toy.

4. Lethargy: This is a lack of enthusiasm and energy even around people

5. Irregular sleeping patterns: Your dog will often tend to fall asleep during the entire day and not even taking the time to have fun and play.

6. Difficult in breathing

7. Coughing

How is flu similar in dogs and humans?

  • They are both contagious 
  • Both are transmitted through contact with respiratory organs and body fluids
  • They both have common signs such as coughing, lethargy, loss of appetite, body weakness, and irregular sleeping patterns

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Can I catch a cold from my dog?

Dog cold is not contagious to humans but dog cold and influenza are contagious among dogs. Your dog can catch a strain of virus from you and get sick so you have to be careful. You can also bring back home these germs to your dog when you get into contact with an infected dog in a park or anywhere else.

The germs can also be spread when your dog drinks water from a bowl of an infected dog. So do carry your own drinking bottle to water your dog and yourself when going for a walk or hike. It is very important to make regular checkups with your vet to make sure your dog is in perfect health and is not at risk of any infections through vaccinations.

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