6 Tips on How to Calm Your Dog Down

how to calm your dog down

It is quite important to know that dogs feed off our emotions and body language. If you as a dog owner you are restless and stressed your dog might start acting out the same way and cause chaos around the house. So for your dog to be calm, you need to act calm also and not display anxious behaviors.

1. Calm your dog down by averting eye contact and staying silent

This will work especially when you realize that your dog is trying to gain your attention. Avoid eye contact as it tries gaining your attention since when an actor has no audience then the acting seizes. Give it space and time for it to choose the appropriate thing to do at that particular time without you having to choose it for him.

2. Calm your dog by taking it for a walk

At times your dog might get tensed by just staying at home with no change in the environment. Taking them out for a walk or a jog might be what it just needs to take that edge off. By doing this your dog will experience something new. Additionally, it is healthy for both of you to keep fit.

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3. Calm your dog with a calm touch with your palm

This must be the most common way most of us use to calm our dogs down. Stretch out your arm to your dog and it will come right to you. Rub its belly and its sided just close to its ribs and front legs. Creating that safe and friendly environment might be just what it needs for it to calm down.

4. Use music therapy to calm your dog down

Music can be therapeutic for both humans and animals, including dogs. Music helps musk noises which make your dog get afraid such as thunder and rain. This can help either in the house or in the car. Science also shows that dogs like classic music and harp sounds, so make good use of your music system to keep your pets calm.

5. Massage your dog to calm them down

Just like humans, animals such as dogs and cats also enjoy massages. When it’s done right, it can help them calm down. Places like their ears, belly, paws, and at their heads when massaged bring a calming effect. So when your dog gets too feisty or uneasy try massaging them and see how it turns around their mood.

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6. Distract your dog from what’s causing anxiety

This is when you distract your dog from the main cause of its anxiety and nervousness. You can do this using its favorite toys and even playing along with it. This helps them forget about what makes them nervous for a minute and with time, they will calm down.

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