10 Amazing Benefits of Having a Dog

benefits of having a dog

Owning a pet can be one of the most amazing experiences in life. Dogs are loyal to those who take good care of them and love them unconditionally. Here are some of the benefits of you having a dog as a pet;

1. Increases the rate of exercise

This is the simplest and most obvious reason for you to own a dog. All you need is a leash and a long stretch of road or land for you to do this. No fancy gym membership required hence reducing costs for you. You get a free exercise routine and all you need is to walk your pet for about 20-30 minutes a day to achieve that. Studies show that regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, strengthen your bones, improve moods, and lower stress.

2. It reduces risks for allergies for young kids

This is one of the easiest ways to prevent allergies from a young age. Study shows that early exposure of such furry animals to kids from a young age would sensitize young kids hence gaining some sort of resistance to fur allergies. In 2017, research funded by The National Institute of Health showed that high indoor levels of pet dander help to prevent asthma by the age of one.

3. Detecting illnesses Early

Dogs are said to have a very strong sense of smell which can detect if their owners have an illness from a very early stage. A program such as PennVet Working Dog Centre has taken this dog trait and embarked on training dogs to undertake early screening for ovarian cancer in women. This trait enables the owner to do an early treatment as soon as the disease is diagnosed.

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4. Increased social interactions

Study shows that having a dog as a pet shows that you are trustworthy and quite responsible since dogs tend to have quite a schedule that requires you to keep tabs on them to make sure they are well. Dogs can also act as catalysts to starting and keeping friendships in parks or when the owners decide to take their dogs for a walk or jog at the same time just for similar interests.

5. Happiness

It is said that petting a dog reduces stress and even seeing your pet playing around increases the release of oxytocin which is a ‘feel-good’ hormone released by the brain. Having a dog can also be good and recommendable for those who are depressed. Taking care and loving a dog can help them out of depressive episodes.

6. Healthier Aging

Having a dog helps older people enjoy healthier aging. This is because having a dog requires you to be more active at times therefore you have to take the dog out for a run or a walk which will be beneficial for both the owner and the dog. Having a pet dog and taking care of them helps keep older adults happy and less anxious, which enables them to live a healthy, happy life.

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7. A sense of purposes

Study shows that those people who lack purpose in life are more likely to die early than those with one. Owning a pet such as a dog can help one have a sense of purpose in life. Just taking care of your dog on a daily basis can help you have one and even give you the reason to wake up from bed each morning or from your couch each evening. Taking your dog out for a walk can be fulfilling enough and good to push you to into expecting more in life and building new relationships.

8. Security

I guess this might be one of the most common benefits of having a dog. Dogs can be trained on providing security for you and even your property. This is because dogs can be attached to one particular person and can give its life just to protect their owner.

9. Teaching responsibility

Owning a dog can be very helpful in teaching responsibility and empathy to your children from a very young age. This is because your toddlers have to keep a fixed schedule on what time to feed, shower, and groom it. It grows in them hence teaching the simple things in life and showing compassion to animals. This grows to compassion and empathy for other people.

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10. Helps you lose weight

A dog owner can lose weight from regular exercises they undertake while taking care of your pet. Keeping a pet dog can also be beneficial for those who don’t like exercising alone.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to keeping a dog anyone can enjoy. It includes keeping you happy, active, and healthy to training discipline and responsibility. Find your favorite breed and keep them at home to enjoy these amazing benefits.

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