15 Ways to Make a Your Dog Happy

15 Ways to Make a Your Dog Happy

Dogs are simple, loyal, and happy animals. We always want to make our dogs happy and entertained. There are ways to spice up your dog’s life and create a strong bond. Here are some of the ways to keep your dog happy at all times.

How to Make a Dog Happy

1. Play hide-and-seek

Dogs love to play and engage in indoor games. Dogs love to seek out and to chase things including the owner. Playing a few games with your dog, including hide-and-seek will keep them engage, active, and happy. Besides, you’ll be upping their tracking skills in the process.

2. Teach new fun tricks

Teaching your dog new tricks is a great way to spend time together, plus you will be providing your dog with a lot of mental stimulation. Teach your dog a new fun trick like spinning, crawling, bowing, cleaning up its toys, and going to bed.

3. Train obedience

Training obedience could be a bit tiresome. Alternatively, one can hire a private trainer or go to group classes. Whatever you choose your dog will enjoy learning the rules and boundaries that make them a good house dog and neighbor. This makes it easier for the owner and keeps the dogs happier.

4. Give your dog a bath

Some dogs do not love taking baths, a state that results from incorrect introduction to bathing.  A dog that has been taught to bathe regularly will be feeling fresh, clean, and happy. This will also help to get rid of allergens and keep off the fleas.

5. Keep your dog engaged

Take some time to teach your dog some tasks to pass time such as fetching your slippers or shoes, carrying in the mails or newspapers, picking sticks around the yard, carrying their backpacks, or fetching your keys. This will provide a much needed mental stimulation and keep them happy.

6. Rotate your dog’s toys

Don’t give your dog all its toys because it will get bored easily and you will be forced to buy new ones. Hide some old toys and keep rotating them every week or month. You don’t need to constantly buy new toys. Just rotate the old toys, it works.

7. Go on walks

Keeping your dog in the house all day is boring while going on walks is good exercise and keeps your dog’s physical and mental health in good shape. It is advisable to switch up the walking routine.

Do not always use one route as they get used to it and eventually get bored. Choose to go to a different neighborhood, visit different local parks, or at times let your dog guide you where to go.

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8. Take your dog for swimming

Swimming is fun and it’s the perfect exercise for older dogs and those that are suffering from joint conditions such as arthritis. If your dog is not used to the water, always take it slow and use a baby pool or a doggie life jacket.

9. Brush your dog’s teeth

Most likely your dog won’t like this but healthy teeth and gums will keep your dog happier.  Your dog will not suffer from painful and potentially fatal dental problems. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

10. Make treasure hunts

Treasure hunts are mentally stimulating games that help keep your dog happy. Are you going out? Hide several favorite treats around the house and see how many your dog collected when you get back home. This will kill the boredom by encouraging it to explore and staying active while you are away.

11. Visit the vet regularly 

Although most dogs do not like vet visits, they are crucial in keeping them healthy. Visit a vet twice a year for adult dogs and 3-4 times for a young puppy. Find a veterinarian you can trust and stick with them for as long as possible to give your dog some form of normalcy. Changing vets every now and then is not ideal.

12. Compliment your dog

How do you feel when someone tells you how smartly dressed you are or how you nailed it in that speech? Dogs also love to be complimented. Make sure you let your dog know when it does something that makes you smile. Appreciate them when they bring something to you. It keeps them motivated and happy.

13. Throw a dance party

Dogs love to dance with their owners. It shows the strong bond between the pair. So whenever you want to spend some bonding time with your dog why not throw on some tunes or jam and dance your blues away together? Your dog will love it.

14. Get your dog a new collar

Collars are the best because they keep your dog safe from flea and tick attack. Dogs view collars as a fun accessory that they go on walks with. Just like the way human beings enjoy new clothes, dogs also enjoy new collars.

15. Give your dog a massage

We love a soothing massage because it acts as a stress reliever and relaxing. The same is true for our dogs. Giving your dog a massage is relaxing for them. Furthermore, it’s great for dogs suffering from arthritis because stimulating muscles, tissue, and joints allow proper blood circulation.

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Make your dog happy by socializing frequently, playing with them and feeding them properly. Dogs deserve the best because they are man’s best companion. They can tell when the owner is sad, stressed, or in pain or happy although they can’t show it verbally. Dogs are caring, and its only fair to reciprocate the same feeling by making them happy.

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