7 Best Toys for Cats for 2020 (Which One Suits Your Cat?)

best cat toys

Pets often get left alone in the house and they can feel extremely lonely if no one comes home when they expect them to. As a result, they turn destructive in the house, including tearing up sheets, curtains, and seats. To avoid this, you should get your cat one or a few toys to keep them busy. Below are some of the best cat toys you might consider.

1. Petstage Tower of Tracks Cat’s Toy

This is a three-tiered circular track with colored balls fixed on it. It is an ideal cat toy since one can play with both the cat and toy by spinning it on the track. Multiple cats can play with the same toy all at the same time. The toy is also suitable for cats of all ages including kittens. It is a great toy that offers entertainment, physical exercise, and mental stimulation for the cat.

Key benefits;

  • Can be used by multiple cats at the same time
  • Effective for cats’ physical and mental stimulation

2. Go Cat Teaser Wand Toy

This is a toy designed with a rod and a highly flexible wire with a dangling piece shaped like a rat made of highly durable material to withstand wear from the cat’s scratches and bites. The toy gives your cat a lot of physical exercise for hours. However, it requires supervision since the wire can end up entangling the cat choking them.

Key benefit;

  • It is made with highly durable materials that take long before they wear and tear

3. SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toy

This is a mouse-shaped toy that stimulates the predator instinct in cats hence keeping them active for hours. They are fitted with safe, eco-friendly fiber and from recyclable plastic that cannot harm your cat when ingested. It also doesn’t contain any chemicals, which makes it safe for cats of all ages.

Key benefit;

  • It is stuffed with safe, eco-friendly fiber and has no harmful chemicals

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4. YOFUN Interactive Self Rotating Ball Cat Toy

This is a 360 self-rotating ball that changes direction each time it hits an obstacle such as furniture or the wall. It is fitted with batteries which can be changed when worn out. This cat toy is mostly suitable for kittens and it gives them great physical exercise while chasing it around the house.

Key benefits;

  • It gives kittens enough physical exercise
  • The batteries can be replaced when worn out

5. Interactive Robotic Cat Toys

This interactive robotic toy is one of the best cat toys in the market. It is designed around a robot with wheels connected to a detachable magnetic feather and ring that your cat can enjoy chasing around in the house. It also has LED lights rather than laser lights to protect your cat’s eyes and also attract them around the house.

Key benefits;

  • It is rechargeable (takes just 2 hrs to full charge)
  • It can go nonstop for 3-4 hours when fully charged
  • Can be used by multiple cats or kittens at the same time

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6. SmartyKat Electronic Sound, Motion or Light Cat Toys

This cat toy replicates prey movement with erratic movement under a mat. This intrigues the cat to try catching the toy under the mat keeping them busy for some time. The fabric is quite durable and can withstand the powerful hits your cat can exert on the mat as it tries to catch it.

Key benefits;

  • Promotes cat play and mental stimulation
  • It is safe around children

7. The Giddy Kitty 5 Pack Cat Feather Interactive Toy

This is a toy made with an extra-long wand with feathers attached to both ends with strings. The feathers are brightly colored and stimulate the instinctive prey traits in your kittens. The feathers are made of non-toxic friendly material safe for cats when ingested, though highly unlikely.

Key benefits;

  • They offer mental stimulation for cats
  • They are long-lasting and durable

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Although there are hundreds of toys in the market, we have just highlighted a few of the best cat toys that we think can be ideal for your cat. Please note that the ideal cat toys often depend on the age of the cat, with kittens and aging cats needing different toys. Additionally, cats with joint issues might need less physically interactive toys.

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